Parking Manager, Attendants and Uniforms

We understand the quality of customer service that our clients have come to expect from us. To continue at this level, we make sure that a parking manager is always present to maintain that quality of service. He is responsible for direction, behavior and coordination of the parking attendants.

We require all staff to undergo extensive training including safe car handling procedures, customer etiquette, and proper personal conduct.

We will provide our own distinct uniforms at our expense and our staff will always be neatly groomed. The manager will wear a distinct uniform that will distinguish him as the person in charge of the location.


As soon as a customer's car is left in our care, we take every precaution to protect it. All of our attendants are well trained and educated on proactive ways to prevent theft and car damage. We also use anti-theft devices such as "Clubs" and "Key Valets" when necessary to ensure the safety of the vehicles in our care. Other precautionary measures available include the use of walkie-talkies and foot patrol.


We will provide all necessary equipment needed to run an efficient and trouble-free parking operation including:

·        Free standing signs/orange cones

·        Tickets

·        Business forms

Bonds and Insurance

The safety and security of your guests and their vehicles is one of our top priorities. With over $4 Million of insurance, you can rest assured you will be protected and covered when partnering with KEI. We are bonded in accordance with the City and County Of Los Angeles requirements. Our bond is on file with the City Attorney and The City and County of Los Angeles.

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