Commercial Parking

It is important that owners of commercial properties maintain dependable and accessible parking facilities and service in order to accommodate their clients and visitors to their property. Commercial parking requires a high level of customer service and the ability to handle various methods of parking. Parking Management Services is experienced in efficiently handling commercial parking by offering Garage Management, Revenue Control, Quality Control. 

Garage Management

Our company has been in the parking business for over twenty years. As experts and professionals in the parking field, Parking Management Services will fully cooperate with the tenants of your structure. We will review tenant leases to conclude if any changes concerning parking spaces are necessary. This includes issues such as rate changes and the allocation of reserved parking spaces. In order to maximize revenues, our company will evaluate your parking situation. If changes need to be addressed, we will execute new parking procedures and supply skilled staff. We will make any recommendations we have concerning the reduction of operating costs. Parking Services Management will also monitor facility operations.

Revenue Control

Revenue Control is a vital part of our business. Our revenue management and accounting management team work closely in order to conduct financial reports for our clients. We regularly monitor our locations so that we can provide daily reports of vehicular traffic, operational expenses, and cash flow generated by a facility. We have a strong cash management and accounting system that quickly and efficiently direct the collection of payments and flow of funds.

Quality Control

KEI Parking maintains a high level of Quality Control to ensure reliable and responsive customer service. We perform unannounced audits of our facilities in order to ensure our employees are courteous and understanding. We also guarantee that our employees and customers are exposed to an environment free of omissions and safeguarded against error. We inspect facilities on a regular basis to make certain that they are clean and hazard free. The cashiers and attendants are trained to keep their facilities as clean as possible. We also train our staff to have the skills and knowledge they need to provide excellent customer service to you, the client as well as to your tenants and their visitors. Our staff is trained to understand the importance of respecting the customer and how to enforce parking policies with courtesy and professionalism. 

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